Never Get Scammed Again! How to Properly Analyze and Choose a Truly Legitimate Online Home Business |

With an ever increasing selection of scams and dishonest business schemes on the internet these days masquerading as legitimate home-based businesses it has become tremendously more frustrating to be able to find a truly legitimate business opportunity that isn’t intending on leaving you in the dust once they have received your money.So what should you look for to avoid a scam and find something that can earn you an honest living from home? In this article, I have included some of the key things you should absolutely be sure to look for when selecting your home-based business.Proven Business System, Effective Compensation Plan and Residual Income – Does the business have a proven and effective system you can plug into in order to get started and make money relatively quickly? You definitely don’t want to have to spend all or a good majority of your time in the beginning just trying to figure out what you’ll need to in order to be successful–your business should already have a clear step-by-step plan laid out for you so you can just follow the steps and concentrate. It shouldn’t require getting a new degree or spending a long time learning a new skill–you should be able to use the assets and abilities you already have now! Compensation Plan ­- When looking at the compensation plan of your potential business opportunity, you will need to determine: How hard is it to get in profit–what exactly to you have to do to make money or earn commissions? Will you be able to earn a serious, full-time income with this company? Are the income predictions and reports given reasonable and believable (no hype, please!)? There should be a clear compensation plan written out in detail that you can read, understand and use to determine how you think you will be able to do based on how hard you know you will be willing and able to work and you should earn commissions from your very first sale. Ideally, the Compensation Plan should also incorporate Residual Income to capitalize on your efforts and increase your monthly and yearly potential income (this is often a big draw for many people seeking a good home-based business!)

No Hyped-up Guarantees (which may turn out to be empty promises) – Now, of course, each and every home business you look at will want you to think that theirs is the best, so some degree of hype and excitement can and should be expected. But please be on the lookout for those business opportunities that overdue it.A good example and something to watch out for would be any home business that gives specific “guarantees” of what you will make when you join them! If they tell you that you will make thousands or millions of dollars in a certain time frame, they’re probably either exaggerating or lying. There is no way that any business can guarantee how much you will be able to earn or how quickly you be be able to do it. Everyone does things at their own pace–some will be quick learners and earn a lot of money very quickly and others will be a bit slower, so it really isn’t fair to tell you what will happen to you before you get there!Doesn’t cost a fortune to start – This is absolutely critical for a lot of people who are searching for something they can work at from home. Most of us just don’t have the $50,000 or $100,000 sitting around that it can take to start some businesses. They need to be able to make money without spending a fortune up front. So an ideal business opportunity will allow people to get started and make money with a relatively low start-up cost.Credibility ­ The home business that you choose should have a good reputation with current and previous members. I suggest asking around at forums or doing a search for the name of the business to get some feedback on what others are saying about the company. Read up on the company background, how it got started and why, who is the CEO, what is his/her background–you should be able to see pictures of the CEO, who he is, his family, see where the physical address is for the company headquarters–it should be a legitimate business that exists in real life, that you could visit in person if you chose to do so–all of this is important information that will really help you to understand the company you are looking at.Resources and Training/Mentoring ­ Every smart and successful home business opportunity should have a resource center where members can go to access support, training, and educational resources to aid in their progress and success. It should be easy to follow and navigate through and easy to understand. Your questions should be answered quickly, correctly and to the point and there should be more than one source for getting help. Members should have two or more of the following available to them at all times: upline team members, email support, phone support, live chat (such as Skype or IM), online webinar or conference call training or a forum for group discussion online.

And my last suggestion would be, don’t be overly skeptical or critical: If after researching, and fully analyzing a specific company, you find no tell-tale signs that there is anything wrong or to be worried about, then don’t hesitate to join and get started. There are many really great and honest home businesses on the internet and if you’ve done all of your research and due-diligence, it most likely is not a scam. When you decide on a business that you are excited about joining, take the time to really work and focus on building your online business and making money. If it truly is a legitimate business, then own it and be dedicated to it! It will pay off! These tips should really be helpful in choosing your online home business and sending you on you way to success and never getting scammed again!